New work


New plan                                                                                                         2022.06.05

Circle - kuguri

∅2500mm / stainless steel (SUS316) / shrink-fit / 2022.06.03〜


直径数メートルの輪をくぐることで心身を清めて災厄を祓い、無病息災を祈願する「茅の輪くぐり / Chinowa-kuguri」の輪のように、この彫刻は大地に接して自立します。


SUS316 ( ISO 4401-316-00-I ):

ステンレス鋼 (SUS316) は、モリブデン(Mo)とニッケル(Ni)の含有量が、一般的なステンレス鋼 (SUS304) よりも多いため、腐食・孔食に対する耐性が高い金属です。沿岸部など海水を含む水に触れる箇所、潮風の影響を受ける環境での使用に適しています。 


This sculpture is self-supporting in contact with the earth, like the ring of "Chinowa-kuguri", which purifies the mind and body by passing through a ring with a diameter of several meters, and prays for a disease-free life.


SUS316 (ISO 4401-316-00-I)

Stainless steel (SUS316) is a metal with high resistance to corrosion and pitting corrosion because it contains more molybdenum (Mo) and nickel (Ni) than general stainless steel (SUS304). It is suitable for use in areas that come into contact with water, including seawater, such as coastal areas, and in environments that are affected by sea breeze.


(Scheduled to exhibit)  Sculpture by the Sea Bondi Inside 2022 (Sydney) 


"Circle - harmony (C-49)"

H.50(40)x50x20cm / brass, stainless steel, granite / 2021*



⁣⁣⁣Circle - three-fifths (C-47)⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣62x44x5cm / bronze, copper / 2021



Circle  two-fifths (C-46)"

H44xW46xD5cm / bronze, copper / 2021*


"Circle - one world (C-48)"

⁣⁣43x43x6cm / bronze, copper / 2021*        ⁣


in production  2022.06.05


"Metamorphosis - to the sky  (M-64)"                                                             

mild steel → corten steel → stainless steel2020〜  




in production  2022.06.05


"Metamorphosis - inside out  (M-63)"                                                           

stainless steel/2020〜      




"Metamorphosis - to the sky   (M-62)"                                                              2019.09.05

 H.85x17x17cm/stainless steel/2019      




"Space - bubble "  (K-62)                                                                                             2019.05.12

H.70(155)x14x14(∅40)cmmild steel2019


"Space -bubble "  (K-61)                                                                                     2018.12.07

 H.50x15x15cm/mild steel, titanium (base plate)/2018


Circle - Yakibame (shrink fit)(C-44)

 H.55x45x30cm/stainless steel, stone2018                              2018.11.27



"Circle - door to the future"(C-41)
H.250x350x120cm/corten steel/2018                                                            2019.11.10




Circle - Yakibame (shrink fit)(C-43)  





Circle - door to the future  (C-40)                                        H.48x67x20cm/steel/2018



Circle - on the earth (C39)                     Installed Dec. 2017 

H.50x350x350cm / cor-ten steel, stone 

Private Sculpture Park, Lake Hayes shore, South Island, New Zealand



Metamorphosis - inside out (M29)                   Installed 2016 

H.170x400x170cm / cor-ten steel

Private Sculpture Park

Lake Hayes shore, South Island, New Zealand

              Metamorphosis - inside out  (M26)                  H.16x39x17cm / mild steel / 2008



Metamorphosis - inside out  (M-60)    

H.145(55)x45x55cmstainless steel2016